Seaside Ritual Set

110.50 $

This elegant gift box contains :

–  Douceur Marine Velvety Soothing Cream 50ml :This intensely comforting cream contains a Marine Prebiotic Complex and Marine Spring Water for soothed and moisturized skin. Its velvety texture leaves the skin subtly scented with an airy and bright blend of plum and bergamot. Day after day, it provides a noticeable reduction in skin redness and discomfort. Skin becomes less sensitive and more beautiful.

Gift : Souffle Marin Serum 15 ml ; This fresh and lightweight serum is a real breath of fresh air, offering all the benefits of the seaside. It gives skin the feeling of being cleansed and strengthened to confront everyday pollution. Freed from its dull veil, the complexion is radiant and invigorated. The skin breathes again.

Gift : Citylife Radiance Reving Mask 15 ml ; This mask, designed for city dwellers, combines 100% natural white and red clays with a trio of marine sugars to renew a healthy skin. Its non-drying cream-mousse texture is suitable for all skin types. Immediately, the skin appears less tired and the complexion more luminous. Day after day, pores are visibly tightened and the complexion recovers its radiance.

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Sensitive Skin – Polluted/dull skin


Cream : Marine Prebiotic Complex: Rebalances skin microbiota which helps maintain skin immune functions. Each of the complex’s ingredients (Laminaria Algae, Chlorella Micro-Algae, Planktonic Marine Sugars and Marine Spring Water) delivers a wide variety of nutrients to skin’s flora. As a source of organic carbons, sugars provide energy. Peptides, a source of organic nitrogen, encourage growth. Exopolysaccharides are known for their ability to protect against environmental factors. PHYTOMER’s Marine Prebiotic Complex is perfectly calibrated to provide the skin with healthy, natural support. It regulates bacterial diversity in skin flora to return the complexion to a perfectly balanced state, ensuring better skin health for a complexion that’s less sensitive and more beautiful each day* – Marine Spring Water: Limits skin inflammation, calms any associated redness or stinging. Improves the diversity of skin microbiota for healthier skin – OLIGOMER®: Stimulates the vitality of skin cells for skin that is remineralized, fortified, more resistant to outside aggressions and in better overall health.
*In vivo tests on ingredient. :

Serum : Armeria Maritima :Depolluting complex with Marine Flower (Armeria Maritima) – Phormidiane: Eliminates pollutants and  protects – Oxygenol:Oxygenates.

Masque : CITYSAFE: acts on dehydration, signs of fatigue and pigmentation induced by pollution – Duo of clays (red and white): absorbent and detoxifying properties – Palmaria Palmata (red algae): activates microcirculation and improves draining in the tissue.


Cream : Apply morning and evening to entire face and neck, on perfectly cleansed skin.

Serum : Apply morning and/or evening, under your regular cream. May be used year-round, or as an intensive treatment.

Masque : Apply a medium to thick layer of mask to the entire face and neck, . Leave on for 10 to 15 minutes, then rinse.
Non-comedogenic. Non-acnegenic.

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