Top Coat Vinylux CND

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For a different look, have fun with the 2 long-wear Top Coats from CND ™ VINYLUX ™ The orginal  or Gel-Like Effect, . The VINYLUX™ Weekly Top Coat features ProLight Technology™ with time-enhanced durability, creating a shield of protection when used with VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish.

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You have the choice of 2 Vinylux Top Coat finishes. The long-lasting Top Coat will give you durability, while preventing your varnish from flaking.

Fully dry in 8 ½ minutes featuring brilliant shine that lasts.



1: For best results cleanse natural nail with SCRUBFRESH™ Nail Surface Cleanser
and apply two thin layers of the all-in-one base of the CND color™ VINYLUX™ of your choice.
2: Finish with a layer of CND™ VINYLUX™ Long Wear Top Coat of your choice:  The orginal  or Gel-Like Effect, for a finish and ensure a long last.and

The VINYLUX™ Weekly Polish System is a two-part system that must be used
together for ultimate performance. The color delivers superior adhesion
while the top coat shields and protects the color coat. Together, they work to
deliver up to a week of chip-free, high-shine wear.

Vinylux Top Coat Application :

  1. Shake the bottle vigorously to blend.
  2. Apply one thin coat to each nail surface and extension edge.
    • a. Remove the applicator brush from the bottle and wipe it against the bottle’s neck to drain excess product from the brush.
    • b. Hold the brush parallel to the natural nail and place the brush in the center of the nail slightly away from the cuticle line.
    • c. Gently push the brush toward the cuticle line and glide down one side of the nail toward the extension edge of the nail.
    • d. Lift the brush and repeat on the other side of the nail, followed by the same steps to coat the center.
    • e. Be sure to seal the extension edge to ensure long wear.
  •  Removes easily with OFFLY FAST™ Moisturizing Remover.
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